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Salmon is a cold-water species living at areas of high latitude of Canada, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, Chile and Australia. Meat in tender texture, it boasts high nutritional value. In China, salmon is often eaten raw as sashimi and sushi rolls, with ribs/belly and tail (behind ribs) fitting for sashimi (pierced body); head can be steamed or served in soup and stew; bone and skin are used for pickles; fillet (steak) tail gets into stir-fried and soupy dish; fillet front is suitable for pan-fry, roast and deep-fry, with extensive following among Chinese.

METRO is dedicated to serving professional customers by purchasing the chilled fresh salmon from origin directly, and realizing whole traceability from egg to fish, including all the information from production to sale (origin country, size, grade, farmed place, and processing etc). Meanwhile, every batch of salmon imported is provided with the local inspection and quarantine certificate, declaration document at the Chinese customs, and inspection certificate by Chinese customs. The whole cold chain is put into practice from production, shipment to sales, to ensure that salmon are kept in best temperature of 0-4°C and to guarantee its high quality.

Fish products

  • Shrimp


    METRO boasts quality source, vigorous production standard, and stringent storage condition for the frozen shrimps in our stores. Metro supermarket brings you easy-to-shell frozen shrimps.

  • Codfish


    METRO’s variety of frozen cod is sourced from their wild and pollution-free habitat. The maximum catch limits for cod ensures its sustainable development as well as its quality.

Recommended salmon


Whole salmon

Origin: Faroe Islands, Denmark

Size: 5-7 kg/fish

Packaging: sell by weight

Culinary suggestion: roast, eat raw, pan-fry, broil and stir-fry


1. Purchase from origin directly, delivery to China by plane twice a week

2. No.1 salmon supplier with whole traceability from egg to fish in China

3. Whole cold chain from production, shipment to sales, to ensure high quality,

4. Fresh and tender texture and nutrition


HoReCa Select – smoked salmon (fillet) 1kg/bag

Origin: China

Size: fillet

Packaging: color ribbon, vacuum, 1 kg/bag

Culinary suggestion: eat raw or made western style dish


1. Frozen salmon, whole fish processing, lasting flavor

2. Skinless and boneless in evenly cuts, convenient for consumption

3. Cold smoke on wood chips

It can serve as a stand-alone dish or a side dish.