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As one of the most harvested fish in the world, codfish is an important food ingredient and have great economic value. With its succulent meat quality, codfish is considered as the one of the most popular fish in many countries around the world. In Northern Europe codfish is regarded as the "dietitian on the table". It can be cooked in many ways. Steamed codfish, dipped in sauce, tastes really delicious. This made codfish the signature dish for many upscale restaurants.

At METRO, we purchase a variety of codfish products from the origin, wild and pollution-free 100% guaranteed. The total allowable catches (TACs) of codfish are beneficial to the sustainable development of fishery resources while ensuring quality. METRO boasts flawless inventory management and stringent storage conditions, to ensure top-quality and fresh ingredients.

Fish products

  • Salmon


    METRO is dedicated to serving professional customers, holding firm that salmon must be purchased directly from the origin and the whole production process is completely traceable.

  • Shrimp


    METRO boasts quality source, vigorous production standard, and stringent storage condition for the frozen shrimps in our stores. Metro supermarket brings you easy-to-shell frozen shrimps.

Recommended codfish

Alaska Black Cod fillet (middle segment)

Origin: US

Size: middle segment cut

Packaging: color ribbon, 1 kg/bag

Culinary suggestion: steam, broil and grill

Origin: Alaska, wild, pollution-free
High in omega-3 fats and exceptional taste
Catch limit, quality guaranteed
Chinese-style cross cut suitable for cooking


Haichenhang cod fillet

Size: fillet

Packaging: paper box with an opening, 750 g/box

Culinary suggestion: steam, roast and pan-fry


1. Processed from small-sized whole fish (2-3 kg), tender and flaky in meat texture

2. Take the middle segment of the fish, removing the head and tail

3. One of the most prized white-meat fish in the world, high in omega-3 fats

4. Taking long time to grow, noted for its rich nutrition