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Fine Food

What’s Fine Food?

Classic delicacies at Great Value

Fine Food boasts supreme quality mainly serving our food traders, which contain re-sellable and profitable products at obvious competitive price edge.


Fine Food products

Why choose Fine Food brand?

Competitive Prices, Value-for-Money

Fine Food’s outstanding quality is on par with branded products in the same category, along with attractice packaging at competitive price ensures its selling power on the shelf. Fine Food brings great profit margins to our clients.

Wide variety, assured quality

With the organic food and high-end food series under its belt, Fine Food plans to develop Mediterranean-style products mainly sourced from Italy, Spain and Greece, enhancing the product range of this brand.
荟食油 220x160

Fine Food cooking oil series

Fine Food cooking oil series made with top-class non-transgenic ingredients takes on a golden hue, highlighting any dish’s flavor, sheen and taste; it has little sediment, generating little amount of toxic fumes. In 5L packaging, it’s suitable for household consumption as well as great gift.
荟食有机杂粮 220x160

Fine Food organic series

The whole process of organic food from land management to planting forbids pesticides, agricultural chemicals, growth hormones and transgenic technology, ensuring natural growth and retaining food’s authentic taste and flavor.



荟食果汁 220x160

Fine Food fruit juice series

Experience the splendor of the most abundant selection of fresh fruits (100% fruit juice) from around the corner to around the world. Take in the subtle fragrances of the season as you journey through a panoramic sea of colors, shapes and sizes of Mother Nature's finest offerings without adding any preservative, sugar and food colorings.

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