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What’s RIOBA?

Bars, cafes and hotels’ professional choice

It mainly serves bars, cafes and hotel patrons offering them complete solutions for their needs.


RIOBA product series

Why choose RIOBA?

Quality selection, one-stop shopping

RIOBA’s outstanding product quality and unique design provide corporate customers with complete solutions including fresh coffee, sugar free cocktail syrups and cocktail mixes, coffee cup, glassware and napkins.


Competitive Price, Value-added

RIOBA not only boasts premium quality but also competitive price, the envy of other brands with the same quality.
瑞吧咖啡 220x160

Coffee bean series

The well-selected Arabica beans from Yunnan are grown at altitudes of 1500-2000 meters above sea level (high elevation). Through excellent processing, the beans are in even shape; the skin is removed after washes, with very few faulty beans (sour/stinker/quakers) removed; Arabica beans are fairly flat and elongated, with a sinuous groove. Customers can pick their preferred coffee flavor according to their taste. They are the prime choice for cafes.
瑞吧茶具 220x160

RIOBA tea/coffee sets

Cup and saucer series

Choice material, delicate craftsmanship; gloss glaze and sleek cup handle shape; fine bone china, easy to clean; individualized design, with double-ring shape fixating the coffee cup’ s place. Pure white become the classic version.

Tea/coffee pot series

Select heat and scratch-resistance glass and food-grade PP material, able to withstand the instantaneous temperature difference, with crystal clear surface; easy to clean with no lingering flavor, and sanitary in use; with highly polished stainless steel inner core, with lasting sheen; sturdy to the touch, break-resistant and pressure-resistant; it will not rust, convenient and easy to clean.

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