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Fruit in May – Hainan mango


Hainan, the sunny island for Dajinhuang mango to grow

The Dajinhuang mangos are grown on the natural greenhouse of Hainan, a sunny paradise with annual temperature at 23-25℃ and annual rainfall of 1,600 mm, which offers the ideal condition for Dajinhuang mangos to grow, giving their sugary content.


Dajinhuang mango, warm and sunny traits

  • Big size: oval fruit holds the sweetness that your hand can hardly grip;

  • Sweet flavor: a mixture of banana, papaya and honey in flavor, with lingering sub-tropical scent;

  • Thick flesh: little seed and thick flesh, with almost no fabric; the edible rate of a mango reaches 85%, filling you up with sweetness;

  • High nutrition: Vitamin-A content at 3.8%, and Vitamin-C content exceeds orange and strawberry, making you feel energetic all day long.

How to select Dajinhuang mango?

"Ripe" Dajinhuang mango

  • In orange color
  • Plump shoulder, giving off a whiff of mango fragrance
  • Tap the fruit, leaving light fingerprints
  • Ripe Dajinhuang mango can be eaten immediately after purchase

"Raw" Dajinhuang mango

  • In green color
  • Light fragrance or no fragrance at all
  • Hard flesh, leaving no trace when being pressed by fingers
  • Put the unripe Dajinhuang mangos in the shade. Do not put them into the refrigerator, which may cause dehydration

Let's slice up a beautiful “Dajinhuang sun"!

A few simple steps lead to a beautiful sun cut, enjoying it with your loved one.

Step 1

Hold the mango up, slicing up along the dotted line on both sides

Step 2

Cut off the flesh on both sides 

Step 3

Place the flesh face up, leaving cross-shaped cutting close to the skin on the flesh with knife tip. 


Hold the two halves of a mango, with thumb pressing upward against the rind 

A cup of mango juice, showcases the sunny mood!



Dajinhuang mango, start fruit, green lemon and mint


  • Squeeze the star fruit juice, and pour the juice into a glass cup taking up 1/3 of the space
  • Pour the squeezed mango juice into the tilted glass, separating from the star fruit layer
  • Add a few drops of lemon juice to enhance the flavor and put mint leaves into the juice as decoration.

A tropical-flavored beverage invigorates your mood!


In May, have a bite on the mango, tasting the sunny flavor for the upcoming summer.
Hainan mangos are being snapped up from the shelves at METRO stores, taking the freshness to your home (For pricing, please contact the local METRO store).  
At METRO, the traceability system is in place for Hainan mangos from growing, picking, selecting, packaging, shipping to sales, with clear-cut information and well-defined quality. METRO strives to safeguard your food safety in all operation details from source to market.

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