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Fruit in March– Hainan watermelon

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Hainan, a wonderful fruit world

As the only tropical province in China, Hainan boasts distinct geographic and climate conditions. Long summer with no trace of winter, annual temperature hovering around 22-27℃, it is an ideal natural greenhouse for fruit growers.

Qilin watermelon as a member of the "Fruit Kingdom" grows prolifically in this natural greenhouse.

"Wonder-filled" Hainan Qilin watermelon

For many people, watermelon is a summer fruit. However, in late winter and early spring, the Qilin watermelon has reached ripeness. It invades your palate within the shortest timespan, delivering the message of arrival of summer.
In March, with your curiosity, follow us to Hainan to taste its Qilin watermelon.

How to select sweet and refreshing Hainan Qilin watermelon?


Innovative ways of eating watermelon

Are you accustomed to taking a big bite on watermelon in the scorching summer days? You may change your habit by tasting watermelon like this.

Watermelon popsicles


Ingredients: watermelon, sugar and mold


  • Press watermelon juice;
  • Add sugar or honey to the juice;
  • Pour the juice into the mold and put it into refrigerator for over 6 hours.
  • You can make the watermelon popsicles with your children since it is simple and easy. During the procedure, you can unleash your creativity by adding milk or other fruit juice.

Watermelon jelly


Ingredients: watermelon, hot water, gelatin, and vodka



  • Slice the watermelon into half, scoop out all but 2-3cm flesh;
  • Dissolve the gelatin in the hot water, and add vodka;
  • Pour the jelly mixture into the watermelon container;
  • Place it into the refrigerator for about 4 hours.
  • Slice the jelly taken shape. Is it cool to have such vodka fruit jelly?

Can't you wait to start making the wonderful watermelon dish? In March, come to METRO stores to get Hainan Qilin watermelon home.

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