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Fruit in January – Sichuan kiwi 

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Wonderful present
Inside of this small, oval-shaped fruit featuring brown fuzzy peel resides a brilliant, semi-translucent emerald green flesh speckled with a few concentrically arranged white veins and small black seeds. One bite leaves you with succulent taste mixing sweet and sour as if chewing the warm sunshine in the winter days.
These emerald delights contain numerous vitamin C and amino acids that promote your health at every single day.
Magic fruit growing region
The subtropical monsoon climate enjoyed by Sichuan province and its rich soil types provide favorable condition for the fuzzy, grape-sized kiwi to grow.
Having received 180 days of sunbathing, the kiwi ripens in January. Let's travel to the hometown of kiwi, tasting the unique sweetness of Sichuan province. 

What's you don't know about Sichuan kiwi – how to taste

For the fruit lovers, the waiting for kiwi to get ripe is a pure agony. During this period, you should place kiwi amidst apples and bananas to accelerate the process before tasting the freshness.


Kiwi can be eaten like this!

Ingredients: Kiwi, white granulated sugar


  • Select a ripe kiwi, then to peel and cut into small cubes ;
  • Add the white sugar and water to the pot in a ratio of 4:1, and then boil them into sugar liquid;
  • Put in the kiwi, stew and stir it in soft fire for about 30 minutes until the kiwi fruit turns translucent;
  • Grind the fruit into jam, cool down the jam, and put it into a sealed container for refrigerating. It can be paired with beef or sprayed on the bread, tasting delicious.

What's you don't know about Sichuan kiwi – how to preserve

 How to preserve the fresh kiwis bought at METRO for long time?

Obviously, keeping the kiwis in raw state would be a good choice. Kiwis should be kept in a place sheltering from sun and wind, and a refrigerator with temperature of 0-4℃ is quite a luxury storage site. Remember not to put kiwis together with other fruits.

In January, Sichuan kiwis have made its way onto the shelf at METRO stores. (For pricing, please contact local METRO store).

There are more varieties of fruits at METRO for you to choose from, bringing them home with exuberance.