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Fruit in February – Xinjiang fragrant pears 

Where to find the fragrant pears
Korla, a stop on the ancient Silk Road, is a place of abundant sunshine and enchanting natural beauty. Known for its "fragrant" pears, Korla is also called the "Pear town" as Korla fragrant pears have attained the title of "Pear Queen of the World". 

How good are Korla fragrant pears?

  • Good birthplace: grown at the foot of Tianshan Mountains, nurtured in ample sunshine and pollution-free environment;
  • Good shape: They are fairly small and roughly oval, with long stems. The light green or yellow skin with a reddish blush, cutie look grabbing your heart;
  • Good taste: Juicy flesh, sweet, mouthwatering and crispy, with a whiff of the natural aroma;
  • Good nutritional value: rich in vitamins and amino acids, clearing up your body and fending off the harm of haze.

How to select the fragrant pears
Despite shared preference for Korla fragrant pears, people have difficulty in identifying with quality of them. How to select the authentic and sweet Korla fragrant pears? Four techniques lend you the help. 
No.1: Shape 
It’s quite small in spindle shape; when you smell it, it gives off a whiff of light aroma, captivating and mouthwatering. 
No.2: Peel 
The light green or yellow color, with a reddish blush on some fruits; it secretes a waxy coating to maintain its freshness.
No.3: Stem
The stem has a little flesh in the area adjacent to the pear body, evoking a sense of plumpness.
No.4: Navel
Like human beings, the fruits also have navel.
When selecting pears, pay attention to their navel, i.e. the hollow part at the bottom. Pears with deep and round navel taste better, and with shallow and less than circular navel taste inferior.

How to eat the fragrant pears

Without any processing, Korla fragrant pears are the treat to your tasting buds. However, with more creative ideas, we can have a "Wine Braised Pear". At leisure time, you can invite some friends and treat them with this exquisite dish, striking them with the delight of taste. 

Wine Braised Pear


Korla fragrant pear, wine, white granulated sugar, lemon, and cinnamon sticks


  • Clean and peel off the pear
  • Pour wine into the pot, squeezing juice with half a lemon, and adding to the pot along with sugar and cinnamon sticks;
  • Add pear to the pot and stew them in medium heat for 8 minutes; flip the pear to another side and stew them for another 8 minutes. Repeat this process until the pear assumes the hue and wine gets gooey;
  • Cool it down and then put it into the refrigerator for better taste.

Where to buy the fragrant pears

Korla fragrant pears are being snapped up from the shelves at METRO stores, taking the freshness to your home (For pricing, please contact the local METRO store).  

At METRO, the traceability system is in place for the fragrant pears from growing, picking, selecting, packaging, shipping and sales, with clear-cut information and well-defined quality. METRO strives to safeguard your food safety in all operation details from source to market.