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Go Green with METRO

METRO Dongguan Wanjiang Store saves 1.5 million kWh per year,sufficient enough to supply one-year electricity consumption to 500 households.METRO also excels in contributing to rain water purifying and recycling as well as waste sorting.

Natural Light Bent 

led-natural light bent_v3-01METRO's Natural Light Bent brings natural light into our store,and reduces the usage of artificial lighting system,which saves up to 8% of lighting energy annually.

Indoor Air Circulation Unit 

led-indoor air circulation -01METRO's Indoor Air Circulation Unit generates mini-air fiow circulation,and effectively adjusts the temperature inside our store,which saves up to 80,000kWh energy annually.

Rain water reclaim system 

led-rain water-01METRO's green rain water reclaim system collects rain water from the rooftop and pathways and the recycled water are used for road flushing,which saves up to 10,000 tons of water per year.

Indoor air conditioner

led-high efficiency  -01180METRO's high effifiency air conditioner,embedded with fresh air intake system automatically adjust fresh air intaking according to the CO2level indoor,which improves air conditioning efficiency by 25%.

Wind-PV Hybrid Streetlight System 

MOTRO's innovative Wind-PV Hybrid Streetlight System reduces fossil energy consumption and 18,250kWh per year,sufficient enough to supply one-year television electricity consumption to 100 households.

Wall consists of solar panels 

led-air conditioner-01150
The exterior of METRO store wall consists of solar panels that reduce heat exchange and air-conditioning load.The electricity generation capacity is 103,600kWh,sufficient enough to supply one-year air-conditioner consumption to 50 households.

The market-leading Cascade System 

The market-leading Cascade System that METRO implements in store is safe and energy afficient,reducing 260KG freon emission per year,which equals the amount of one year froen emission from 1500 fridges.