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Mid-Autumn Festival Welfare

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Custom-made to fulfill your desire

We are dedicated to maintaining your bond with the employees and customers, and helping you achieve business success. Over 40,000 business customers consider METRO as the reliable partner for welfare & gifting.

METRO Welfare & Gifting Showroom gathers together the first-line brands resources at home and abroad and puts at display the seasonable welfare combinations and distinctive med-to-high end gifting products. Our tailored welfare & gifting solutions are able to meet the divergent needs of employee care and customer rewarding, making your shopping trip a fulfilling one.

Mid-Autumn Festival Welfare & Gifting Catalogue


Leisure moment, share joy!

  • Wangzai QQ Candy Giftbox (Goods in kind prevail)
  • Nissin Cookie—Coconut Flavor 60g
  • Eastern Forest Nano Style Salty Almond 128g
  • Haoxiangni Seedless Chinese Red Dates 60g
  • Tenwow Henniu Beef Cubes (Spicy Flavor)150g
  • Baiweilin Pork Jerky 68g (Goods in kind prevail)
  • Rouge Giftbox 410 x 134 x 314mm

Indulge in sweetness under the full moon!

  • MIGELL Mooncake 50g x 6 pcs
  • MIGELL Baking Gift (Muffin, Financier, Nut Pie and Butter Cake of Original Flavor)
  • MIGELL Pound Cake 400g
  • MIGELL Golden Churn Canned Butter Cookie 260g
  • Rouge Giftbox 410 x 134 x 314mm

Well-selected coarse cereals to stew for your own porridge

  • Thermos Stainless Steel Vacuum Food Jar 710ml
  • Rouge Giftbox 410 x 134 x 314mm    
  • Yi Yan Red Bean 380g
  • Yi Yan Mung Bean 380g
  • Yi Yan Millet Grains 380g
  • Yi Yan Medium-Fine Cornmeal 380g
  • Yi Yan Soybean 380g
  • Yi Yan Sticky Rice 380g

Chocolate and wine are even more appealing for leisure time

  • Hershey Kisses Deluxe Milk Chocolate 22 pcs x 2 boxes
  • Penfolds Max's Shirza Cabernet 750ml
  • Rouge Giftbox 410 x 134 x 314mm


Contact information

National welfare & gifting hotline: 4001-518-518

National welfare & gifting email:

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