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Corporate Social Responsibility

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METRO Sustainability Concept

METRO is determined to carrying a caring vision for the world and embracing for transformation in response to the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals(SDGs). We will spare no effort on combining our business success with sustainability, and constantly seek for a sustainable business model which helps us to achieve our economic goals within social and environmental boundaries.

Rooted in China for more than 20 years, our success is inseparable with the earth we grow upon. Remain true to our original aspiration, it is our unshakeable will to be a part of our community and responsible corporate citizen.

METRO Sustainability Strategy

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Here in METRO, we take Sustainability more than just a responsibility, but core competitiveness to our development.

From responsible sourcing, responsible logistics, green operation, trustworthy products and services, employee development to giving back to society, we embed Sustainability into our development strategy and our daily operations.

On top of providing high-quality products and service, we focus on collaboration and communication with internal and external stakeholders, advocating and conveying sustainable production and sustainable consumption, to foster a sustainable development of the industry.

METRO Sustainability Fields

Responsible Sourcing

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Increase sustainable assortment following 2020 sourcing goals, strictly select qualified suppliers, enhance risk management and control assessment.


Low-carbon Logistics

Responsible Logistics
Encourage logistic service providers to upgrade transport and warehousing facilities, optimize transportation routes, and enhance supply chain efficiency.

Green Operations

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Utilize more clean energy in daily operations,adopt innovative technologies to save energy and reduce emissions.


Trustworthy Products and Services

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Collaborate with partners throughout the value chain, ensure food safety, and encourage sustainable consumption.


Employee Care

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Provide employees with professional trainings and extensive career development path adhering to our "In Business Together" philosophy.


Giving Back to Society

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Support education development in under-developed areas, carry out various CSR activities combining our advantages.