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METRO understands the demands of different professional customers, based on information of different industries which we survey, collect and analyze, to ensure that we can always provide customers with high quality products at a great prices, thoughtful services and special membership-based shopping environments.

Specialized assortments

  • 肉_300X160

    METRO offers you the beef from different origins and rigorously-tested pork and poultry, meeting different cooking needs, such as stir-frying, steaming, stewing, frying, cooking, and braising.

    Fresh Meat & Poultry

  • 鱼300160

    METRO is always committed to serving professional customers whole-heartedly by offering a complete variety of quality seafood and freshwater fishes.

    Fresh Fish & Seafood

  • 进口食品 300x160pix

    METRO offers you various kinds of imported food including detailed information, such as cheese, milk, chocolates, biscuits and wines.

    Imported Food

  • 调味品300X160

    METRO offers a full range of seasoning in pure taste and complete specifications. At METRO stores, you can get seasoning needed for cooking all kinds of delicacies.


  • Wine 300x160

    METRO boasts a great variety of wines at unbeatable prices, including value-added entry-level products and high-grade rare fine wines.


  • HORECA equipement 300x160

    METRO offers you a wide range of hotel and catering supplies, including cleaning supplies, dining utensils, kitchen supplies, etc.

    Catering Products

  • Cleaning300x160

    METRO offers you a complete range of detergents, cleaning products, daily necessities, hygienic products, paper products, packing supplies, seasonal supplies, cosmetics, and body care products.

    Cleaning Supplies

  • 办公用品300x160

    METRO provides you with office paper, office equipment and office stationery, etc in a wide range of brands, including the best-selling commodities of METRO's own brands and powerful mainstream brands.

    Office Supplies

  • laptop160

    Our product selection includes devices in communication, audio-visual, entertainment and more.

    Electronics &Appliances