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Cleaning Supplies

METRO offers a wide range of cleaning products, including detergents, personal hygiene products and cleaning agents.

Our Competitive Edge

  • Cleaning products

    Dedicated to meeting the needs of astute professional customers, our Cleaning & Cosmetics department provides target customers with items ranging from simple cleaning, treatment, shower products to grooming & skin care. Through the continuous customer surveys and research, coupled with the market trend, we offer not only a whole series of products but more services and comprehensive solutions.

  • Detergents

    In the vast China market, consumer habit and product recognition is markedly different across regions. At METRO, the Cleaning & Cosmetics department carries a wide assortments of products from detergents, cleaning agents, household items, personal hygiene, paper products, packaging products, seasonable items, cosmetics and body care products. While introducing the best-selling brands, we also offer local items favored by the consumers. We listen to the needs of professional customers as what we do is to become their top choice. Through the process of selecting only the best suppliers and comparing price with competitors, we develop the exclusive marketing solutions; moreover, we strive to improve our own brands, with AKA,H-LINE and HORECA SELECT gaining recognition in the professional customer circle. We not only sell at a competitive price but also focus on stringent product quality. As a result, we are confident to say that METRO is your best business partner.