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Fresh Fish & Seafood

Fish is noted for its high nutritional value and offers irresistible temptation for customers with its tender taste. METRO is committed to serving professional customers by offering a wide variety of sea fish, freshwater fish and high-end seafood products to meet the needs of steaming, frying, deep-frying and braising cooking styles in the restaurants, to entice your taste buds. With the improvement of people's living standard, dining & catering customers need to be innovative, unveiling new menus and dishes. METRO specially offers over 20 species of fish including tuna, grouper and monkfish, as the ultimate treat for customers.

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Our advantages

  • Star Farm traceability system

    To ensure the utmost quality and safety of seafood products, METRO leverages the Star Farm traceability system to monitor every step from farm to market, with regular review and inspection, making most of the fresh products traceable. For example, we provide the whole-process quality monitoring for salmon, shrimps, cod fillet, hairtail fish and kelp, ensuring food safety from the source. METRO's Star Farm traceability system enables customers to trace the source of our excellent ingredient. 

  • Direct procurement from the source, freshness at a competitive price

    At METRO, over 80% of fish species are purchased directly from the origin, e.g. salmon from the fisheries in Denmark and Norway, with quality assurance and price competitiveness by cutting intermediaries. METRO's flawless inventory management and stringent storage requirements ensure the freshness of ingredients.

  • HACCP safety certification

    At METRO China, we have implemented the HACCP standard across all stores, to ensure food safety and hygiene control. Assessors from the third-party professional organizations are invited to carry out inspection in the capacity of regular customers on label, shelf life, temperature, environmental hygiene and staff operation at METRO stores in accordance with the international food quality safety standards, ensuring the safety through storage, processing and transportation steps, and the compliance to certification requirements by each step, pollution-free, for customers to make the purchase with ease.