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Fresh sea fish: selected fresh and eat fresh. With abundance of nutritional value, the fish is directly chilled with ice to keep its freshness, original taste and nutrition after being caught from the sea. Being tender and palatable in texture, the sea fish is best suitable for steaming, and pan-frying or deep-frying is also a good choice. METRO offers a rich variety of fresh sea fish, meeting the needs of HoReCa customers and ensuring the utmost quality and safety of fresh ingredients to create the most delicious delicacy.

Fresh seafood

  • Salmon


    METRO is dedicated to serving professional customers, holding firm that salmon must be purchased directly from the origin and the whole production process is completely traceable.

Our advantages

  • Unbroken cold chain

    METRO adheres to the most stringent standard on food safety and unwavering commitment to every detail. We impose vigorous requirements on the shipping, storage, acceptance and sales of seafood in every store. We employ the unbroken cold chain system to keep the fresh sea fish at constant temperature of 0-4°C for the whole process, free from microorganisms that may be caused by the rising temperature. We make checks at all levels to ensure that customers indulge in the freshest and safest culinary delight. 

  • Fresh seafood storage, packaging with care

    Most of the fresh fish at METRO is kept inside the foam boxes at the optimal temperature of 0-4°C. The foam box provides the best protection against collision impact and is easy for sorting out in the storage room. At METRO, we offer the distinctive big packaging for chilled fresh fish, which not only makes the purchase less stressful, but also saves customers' operation cost.