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Seafood lovers (and those who cater to them): rejoice. Your METRO store has the widest range of frozen sea food including prawns, crabs and shellfish. We take every step to assure you of the highest levels of freshness and hygiene and containing the breeding of microorganism. We maintain stringent checks when stocks arrive and are handled, retaining the authentic flavor and longer storage time. It’s optimal solution for dining business clients.

Recommended Frozen seafood products

  • Codfish


    METRO’s variety of frozen cod is sourced from their wild and pollution-free habitat. The maximum catch limits for cod ensures its sustainable development as well as its quality.

  • Shrimp


    METRO boasts quality source, vigorous production standard, and stringent storage condition for the frozen shrimps in our stores. Metro supermarket brings you easy-to-shell frozen shrimps.

Our Competitive Edge

  • Full cold chain controlShipping

    METRO adheres to its stringent standard and unwavering commitment to food safety. It imposes vigorous standard on the shipping, storage, acceptance and sales of seafood in the stores, employing cold-chain control system and keeping frozen sea fish at constant temperature -18°C or even lower for the whole process, free of microorganisms that may result from the rising temperature. We are vigilant in our effort to safeguarding customers’ indulgence in the freshest and safest culinary delight.

  • Practical packaging, pleasing consideration

    To maintain the quality of fish, METRO employs frozen method keeping fresh sea fish at constant temperature of -18°C or even lower. METRO’s unique large package seafood makes the shopping trips simple while saving operation cost.