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Owing to its light and refreshing taste and easy-to-digest feature, shrimp has great popularity among dinners, and is a house special in medium-to-large sized restaurants. Prime quality shrimps are essential to the success of shrimp dishes. Thus, you must choose fresh, non-toxic, pollution-free, and non-perishable shrimps without impurities. METRO chooses high quality shrimps as foodstuff, alongside standardized production, flawless inventory management and strict storage condition. The shrimps sold at METRO exhibit colorless luster, plump and elastic in touch.

Fish products

  • Salmon


    METRO is dedicated to serving professional customers, holding firm that salmon must be purchased directly from the origin and the whole production process is completely traceable.

  • Codfish


    METRO’s variety of frozen cod is sourced from their wild and pollution-free habitat. The maximum catch limits for cod ensures its sustainable development as well as its quality.

Recommended shrimp


HoReCa Select frozen peeled prawn (Star Farm)

Origin: China

Size: 31-50

Packaging: color ribbon, vacuum 1 kg/bag

Culinary suggestion: blanch, stir-fry, steam, and deep-fry


1. South American prawns as ingredients, standardized production, export techniques, and outstanding water-locking technology to ensure the yield

2. Cutting-edge packaging material, anti-drying and anti-fogging

3. Available in a wide range of sizes, with low ice packing rate

龙霸红虾仁31-40 200g

Longba red shrimps 31-40 200 g/bag

Origin: China

Size: 31-40

Packaging: regular packaging

Culinary suggestion: blanch, stir-fry, steam and deep-fry


1. Local farming (Zhanjiang), with South American white prawn species

2. Produced by the sole enterprise eligible to export to the US, with standardized production process

3. Produced directly from live prawns with latest dry-ice technology

With skin and innards removed, can be steamed and boiled with mixture of spices & seasonings