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Catering Products

METRO has a wide range of hotel and dining supplies, including cleaning products, dining products and kitchen utensils, etc.

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  • Cleaning products/equipment

    The cleaning products and equipment at METRO provides the ideal set of solution to our customers by helping them solve the fundamental cleaning problems they may face, thus creating a wonderful working environment.

    In the cleaning process, have the right tools and equipment will deliver solutions that are the more effective. METRO provides an attractive comprehensive solution to the cleaning process by providing the customers with an all-encompassing range of products, which are cost-effective, reliable with excellent after-sale customer service. As an excellent retailer and wholesaler in the professional cleaning industry, METRO provides a wide range of products from daily cleaning tools to industrial standards equipment. This includes dusters, mops, wipers and cleaning equipment to meet the needs of professional customers in various levels. It’s unique color-classification system helps professional customers establish the HACCP standard operational procedures, ensuring food safety.

  • Glassware and drinkware collection

    As the strategic partner of multiple world-renowned glassware brands, METRO's glass series are famous for quality assurance, stable supply, extensive price range, complete product line and cost-effective prices. This helped to establish METRO as the primary choice of customers in the F&B industry.

    METRO provides glassware from renowned international brands such as Cristal D'arques,Libbey,Ocean, and Pasabahce, including goblets, beer glasses, whiskey flute, water glass; wine decanter and beverage jug, to meet various needs of professional customers. METRO also introduces the high-end Lucaris drinkware series to meet the needs of wine lovers and professional.

    METRO also offers a variety of glassware catering to the specific needs of clubs and bars. We also provide flower vases, fruit bowls, glass containers and glass pots that serve the needs of the general public and enterprises.

  • Towel

    From household towels to bath towels and those used in hotels, from gift box to unique large-packaging items, from well-known brands to our own brand, and from towels made with various techniques to custom-made ones, METRO is proud to provide a whole series of bathroom linens products and professional services, aiming to meet the divergent needs of customers. Reliable quality and competitive price are our unwavering commitment.

    Each item goes through our careful and stringent selection, providing assurance for a quality and healthy life. METRO is the top supplier for gifts used by enterprises, as well as the best business partner for the hospitality industry.

    You can definitely find every item that suits your need here.

Stainless steel product

METRO enforces strict control over supplies and production quality. At present, all items use Austenitic ferritic stainless steel, that conform to the national standard. Targeting different customers to offer different solutions, HoReCa Select -304 stainless steel ware series with features of good corrosion resistance, high ductility and cleaning ease, meet the national food-grade hygiene standard, turning out to be the best choice for customers. The AKA 430 appliance series boasts cheaper price and lower corrosion resistance, requiring maintenance and care when in use. In addition, METRO matches up with full set stainless steel kitchen utilities and accessories to meet the one-stop purchase need of customers.

At METRO, the stainless steel products encompass the fast-food compartment trays, rectangular trays, portion bowls used in catering in various sizes, various round containers and other accessories, in different shapes and sizes, to meet the one-stop shopping demand of customers.

Purchasing stainless steel products at METRO rewards you with reassured quality and absolute safety.

Cleaning products/equipment

At METRO, the ideal combination of cleaning products and equipment provides a whole set of cleaning solutions to customers, to help them tackle the fundamental cleaning problems encountered and create a wonderful working environment.

In the cleaning process, tools and equipment play a vital role as the befitting ones will deliver great results with less effort. METRO's comprehensive cleaning solutions are attracting growing customer base with its complete category/structure, unbeatable price, credibility assurance from own brands and outstanding after-sales service. As the excellent retailer and wholesaler in the professional cleaning field, METRO provides a wide range of products from daily cleaning tools to sizable cleaning equipment, e.g. dusting, mops, wipers and cleaning equipment, to meet the cleaning needs of professional customers at various levels. Its unique tools color-classification system helps professional customers establish the HACCP standard and ensure food safety.