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Fresh Meat & Poultry

Relying on the vigorous requirement for foods and ample product supply, METRO has become the undisputed top choice for hotels, restaurants, canteens and catering businesses. METRO offers beef from different production sites, pork with strict quality inspection, and poultry products meeting the requirements of different culinary methods (stir-fry, steam, oven-baked, pan-fry, braise and boil). As the industry leader upholding the "quality foremost, safety first" principle, METRO infiltrates advantaged innovation into the invisible details. In the climate of food safety, it insists on purchasing from origin, enforces stringent quality control by employing the Star Farm traceability system for review and assessment, adopts the unbroken cold chain during transportation, and grasps freshness and safety in our hands.

Choose from our wide variety of meat products

Major meat products

  • Beef brisket


    Beef brisket is taken from the tender abdominal wall, which is cut from the front edge of quadriceps along the longest back rib to the 13th rib and is then removed from the cutaneous trunci, inside skirt, and brisket film. It comprises the straight muscle of abdomen, transverse muscle of abdomen, intrinsic muscle of external abdomen and external oblique muscle of abdomen. Beef brisket is loose in texture and covered by uneven fat with intertwined fascia layers in between. It’s suitable for stewing and grilling.

  • Beef rump


    It’s also called the peeled beef knuckle, which is taken between front femur and inside & outside flank of hind leg and cut along the femur to the kneecap. It mainly consists of quadriceps. Firm in texture, even in fabric, it’s most suitable for stir-frying, frying, braising, stewing with seasonings and grilling.

  • Pork ribs


    Ribs are a hog abdominal cavity near the belly part of the ribs, a relatively thin layer of meat, meat thinner, more tender texture. Fresh red ribs exterior colors, preferably pink, not too red or Bai. Since the ribs is relatively large, it can be divided into a bone cavity, and other sub-row for purchase. Cooking ribs like a lot of practice, after layer of meat cut into small pieces picked thicker portion can be used to steamed, fried, stewed, it is suitable for large roast.

  • Chicken breast


    Located on both sides of the sternum, chest, back side of the piece of meat, shaped like hats, was shaped leaves, no fat. This part of the chicken is high in protein, low in fat and low in calories, it is suitable after dicing, wire, sheet cooking processing.

Our advantages

  • Star Farm traceability system

    To ensure the utmost quality and safety of meat products, METRO leverages the Star Farm traceability system to monitor every step from farm to market, with regular review and inspection, making most of the fresh products traceable. For example, we provide the whole-process quality monitoring for beef, pork, poultry, ensuring food safety from the source. METRO's Star Farm traceability system enables customers to trace the source of outstanding ingredients.

  • Unbroken cold chain

    METRO adheres to the most stringent standard on food safety and unwavering commitment to every detail. We impose vigorous requirements on the shipment, storage, acceptance and sales of meat in every store, employ the unbroken cold chain system to keep the meat products at constant temperature of 0-4°C for the whole process, free from microorganisms that may cause by the rising temperature. We make checks at all levels to ensure that customers indulge in the freshest and safest culinary delight.

  • HACCP safety certification

    At METRO China, we have implemented the HACCP standard across all stores, to ensure food safety and hygiene control. Assessors from the third-party professional organizations are invited to carry out inspection at the capacity of regular customers on label, shelf life, temperature, environmental hygiene and staff operation at METRO stores in accordance with the international food quality safety standards, ensuring the safety through storage, processing and transportation steps, and the compliance to certification requirements by each step, pollution-free, for customers to make the purchase with ease.