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The succulent and savory beef often appears as the indispensable ingredient on the menu of high-end restaurants. Steak at high-end western restaurants tastes tender and juicy. Top-grade fresh beef takes on the red hue and luster and is elastic to the touch. Beef, which is rich in protein and low in fat, tastes yummy. METRO provides high quality beef in wide variety to hotels and dining places.

Recommended beef products

  • Beef brisket


    Beef brisket is taken from the tender abdominal wall, which is cut from the front edge of quadriceps along the longest back rib to the 13th rib and is then removed from the cutaneous trunci, inside skirt, and brisket film. It comprises the straight muscle of abdomen, transverse muscle of abdomen, intrinsic muscle of external abdomen and external oblique muscle of abdomen. Beef brisket is loose in texture and covered by uneven fat with intertwined fascia layers in between. It’s suitable for stewing and grilling.

  • Beef rump


    It’s also called the peeled beef knuckle, which is taken between front femur and inside & outside flank of hind leg and cut along the femur to the kneecap. It mainly consists of quadriceps. Firm in texture, even in fabric, it’s most suitable for stir-frying, frying, braising, stewing with seasonings and grilling.

Our Competitive Edge ;

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging

    The Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) comes in convenient small packaging, which contains 80% oxygen and 20% CO2. The utilization of oxygen-filled packaging produces a desirable bright red color to the beef, ensuring freshness and odorless when unsealed. It can be kept for 7 days at the temperature of 0-4°C. The MAP technology makes it easy for beef purchase and storage by catering clients, who are able to prepare the fresh delicacies at any time.

  • Strict Purchasing Standard

    At METRO, we meticulously select the top cattle breeds (Qinchuan, Luxi, Nanyang, and Simmental), which are bred on natural pasture and eating well-prepared grain feed. After standardized slaughtering and vigorous inspection and quarantine, the high-quality beef are sent to METRO stores, to meet the demand of catering business customers.

  • Vacuum Compression Packaging

    The vacuum compression packaging boasts extraordinary oxygen exclusion abilities, reducing the contact of food with oxygen to the maximum and preventing food spoilage because of air intrusion. In good ductility, it can prevent being pierced through by jutting bones of fresh meat when used and during shipping, further reducing the loss of freshness of the meat. It can be kept for 40-45 days at the temperature of 0-4°C. Customers can choose the desired packaging based on their cooking needs.