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METRO offers you the top-grade ingredients and great delicacies. Pork is the most popular dish on the menus of various Chinese restaurants and canteens, such as the mouthwatering house special of Grandma's braised pork and sweet and sour spareribs. It's vitally important to select the great ingredients for customers to make the delectable dishes. As the best partner of professional catering customers, METRO counts on its unrelenting commitment to food safety and quality and provides fresh, safe and well-selected pork to you.

Recommended pork products

  • Streaky pork


    Streaky pork, or three-layered pork, is the belly of the pig where lots of fatty tissues are sandwiched between muscular tissues. Pork belly has juicy fat layers wrapped around the meat. There isn't much meat, but once cooked it becomes tender. Braised Pork Belly (hong shao rou) is a very famous dish in China. Everyone knows it, and there are many versions and twists based on the original like Mei Cai Kou Rou (braised pork belly with preserved vegetables) and Dongpo Rou (made by pan-frying and then braising pork belly). The fat melts with heat, and the lean meat doesn't lose texture after long-time boiling. Streaky pork can be cut into thin or thick pieces suitable for braising, simmering and stewing.

  • Pork ribs


    Ribs are a hog abdominal cavity near the belly part of the ribs, a relatively thin layer of meat, meat thinner, more tender texture. Fresh red ribs exterior colors, preferably pink, not too red or Bai. Since the ribs is relatively large, it can be divided into a bone cavity, and other sub-row for purchase. Cooking ribs like a lot of practice, after layer of meat cut into small pieces picked thicker portion can be used to steamed, fried, stewed, it is suitable for large roast.

  • Pork tripe


    Pork tripe is actually the stomach of the pig, with the thick flesh and chewy texture. Tripe serves as a source of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, iron, calcium and phosphorus that can help restore vitality and strengthen the spleen and stomach. Furthermore, pork tripe can be used to cook many appealing dishes: the ingredient of fried, roasted and stirred pork tripe dishes and assorted hotpot; cut the cooked pork tripe into long or square pieces, place them into the bowl and add some soup before setting on the pot to steam. The steamed pork tripe will inflate twice, tender and delicious in taste.

Our Competitive Edge

  • Strict purchasing standard

    At METRO, we carefully select the outstanding hybrid pig breeds, and send the pork products to each store after standardized slaughtering and vigorous inspection and quarantine. When purchasing the demi-carcass pork, in reference to the national standard GB 9959.1-2001 (Fresh and Frozen Demi Carcass Pork), we have vigorously defined a few key quality control points, ensuring the quality purchase of pork and meeting the demand for high-quality pork from professional catering customers.

  • Professional cutting techniques

    At METRO stores, we have professional butchers to provide pork cutting service to customers, e.g. breaking up spare ribs into spinal joints and riblets, meeting different needs of pork dishes, and saving your time and energy.

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging

    The modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) comes in convenient small packaging, which contains 80% oxygen and 20% CO2. The utilization of oxygen-permeable foils produces a desirable bright red color to the beef, without smell when unsealed. It can be kept for 7 days at the temperature of 0-4°C. The MAP technology makes it easy for beef purchase and storage by catering clients, who are able to prepare the fresh delicacies at any time desired.

  • Premium chilled pork

    The chilled pork refers to the pork that is always kept at the temperature of 0-4°C after slaughtering in the reprocessing, transport and sales processes. The so-called glycolytic cycle starts immediately after slaughter in the muscle tissue, in which glycogen, the main energy supplier to the muscle, is broken down to lactic acid, which can inhibit and kill the microbes, to ensure safety and hygiene of chilled pork. While keeping the perfect taste, this can also retain the nutritional value of pork.