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Tender in texture and delicious in taste, chicken meat is suitable for various culinary methods, rich in nutrition, nourishing health. It can make to make soups, salad or be stir-fried. Chicken meat sold at METRO are purchased from butcheries that met the standards of government inspection and quarantine. METRO insists on purchasing at the source, enforces stringent quality control by employing the Star Farm system for review and assessment to make the whole process from incubation to sales is traceable, and ensures the hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken supply. Professional catering customers can purchase the chicken meat with a peace of mind, making gourmets enjoy the culinary delight.

Recommended chicken meat

  • Chicken breast


    Located on both sides of the sternum, chest, back side of the piece of meat, shaped like hats, was shaped leaves, no fat. This part of the chicken is high in protein, low in fat and low in calories, it is suitable after dicing, wire, sheet cooking processing.

  • Chicken feet


    Chicken feet, also called Fèng zhuǎ (phoenix claws) or Jī zhuǎ (chicken claws) feature the scaly skin, sharp talons, and rich gels. When choosing chicken feet, get those with white sheen without leftover yellow membrane that adheres to the chicken feet. They make the best broth, suitable for sauced and pickled dishes. In southern China, chicken feet dishes are famous with complex cooking methods.

  • Three-yellow chicken


    Three-yellow chicken refers to the yellow-feathered, yellow-skinned, and yellow-beaked chicken. Tender in texture, delicious in taste and rich in nutrition, the three-yellow chicken enjoys high reputation at home and abroad. Adult chicken weighs 3-4 kg, famed for its tender and slippery meat, crispy skin and soft bone, fat and mouthwatering flavor. As one of the most famous tuji — chickens that are free to scratch on the mountainside, three-yellow chicken is suitable for the "white cut chicken" (a poached whole chicken, chopped up and reassembled, and served with ginger and scallions) and braised chicken, traditional Chinese ways of cooking.

Our Competitive Edge 

  • Strict purchase standard

    At METRO, we carefully select reliable chicken breeds worldwide which are hatched at constant temperature, bred with vigorously control influencing factors, fed with grain-based feeds without adding any hormone, separated in the automated workshop, and delivered to METRO stores across China via cold-chain. By purchasing the high-quality chicken, we are able to meet the high demands of professional catering customers.

  • Vacuum compression packaging

    The vacuum compression bag boasts extraordinary oxygen-excluding performance, reducing the contact of food with oxygen to the maximum and preventing food spoilage because of air intrusion. In good ductility, it can prevent being pierced through by jutting bones of fresh meat during the use and shipment, further reducing the loss of fresh meat. It can be kept for 40-45 days at the temperature of 0-4°C. Customers can choose the desired packaging based on their culinary needs.

  • Premium chilled chicken meat

    The chilled chicken refers to the chicken that is always kept at the temperature of 0-4°C after slaughtering in the reprocessing, transport and sales processes. The so-called glycolytic cycle starts immediately after slaughter in the muscle tissue, in which glycogen, the main energy supplier to the muscle, is broken down to lactic acid, which can inhibit and kill the microbes, to ensure safety and hygiene of chilled chicken. While keeping the perfect taste, this can also retain the nutritional value of chicken.