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Office Supplies

To meet the daily needs of office supplies by corporate customers, METRO has selected an offering of approximately one thousand office supplies, covering paper, office equipment and stationery, ranging from popular private labels to mainstream brands with powerful features. We are able to meet the divergent needs of enterprises, public institutions and companies, making METRO a convenient one-stop purchase choice amidst the myriad of choices.

Office supplies products

Our Competitive Edge

  • Abundant variety encompassing all aspects

    To provide a comprehensive office supply solution for corporate customers, METRO put ourselves in your shoes, providing you with quality items you want. You will get satisfactory answers, from variety to price, and from support to service.

  • Supersize warehouses, one-stop shopping

    With the ample inventory, METRO strives to forge the genuine one-stop shopping service, and helps customers resolve the warehousing and capital turnover problems once for all. METRO therefore becomes the mobile warehouse, to supply goods in line with your business needs in a timely fashion. 

  • Ample supplies and timely replenishment

    Adhering to the customer-focused principle, METRO collaborates closely with well-known office supply producers and keeps unveiling office supply products of latest models with more robust performance, to meet the multilateral needs of our corporate customers.