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METRO offers versatility of archive series numbering in a few hundred items, which include file archiving, file management and carry-to-go files, meeting the one-stop shopping and individualized needs of professional customers at the maximum. 


Our Competitive Edge

  • Wide variety, To satisfy all needs

    By partnering with such industry leading brands such as Deli, Esselte and Guangbo, METRO offers the one-stop shopping experience to meet the needs of regular and special customers at a cheaper price.

  • Regular purchasing channels with quality assurance

    Outsourced to brand manufacturers, the file management products of METRO's own brand go through stringent quality control. Through providing the high-quality products at a competitive price, METRO is able to meet the diverse needs of our professional customers.

  • Diverse styles, top partnership choice

    METRO's file management products span European, American, Japanese, Korean and domestic office styles, making METRO the preferred partner for multinationals and foreign-funded enterprises.

File archiving series

METRO's file archiving products include the file box, file case, file folder, and lever arch file. In line with customer needs, we offer the essentials, durable and high-end version; materials include polypropylene (PP), laminated materials, and paper. Our signature own brand products, represented by AKA file case and SIGMA lever arch file, provide great profit margin to customers.

File management series

METRO's file management products include over a few hundred types of file folders, clear folders and paper of different sizes, to meet the needs of file management in the office environment, making the process faster and easier. With the support from brands like Qi Xin, Deli, Esselte and Guangbo, as well as our cost-effective own brand products, METRO offers customers more choices to choose from.

Carry-Along file series

METRO's carry-along products include document cover, document bag, sliding bar folder, clear sheet protector, clip board, organization bag and ring binder. Various file protection bags and organization bags made of polypropene and textiles are the necessary choice if you are on the go to meetings and other work-related errands, giving you a sense of order to the chaotic and hectic working life.