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In the workplace, copy papers are frequently used on copiers, stylus printers, laser printers, and inkjet printers. The quality of copy papers directly impacts the  efficiency and the outlook of the documents. METRO's SIGMA copy paper offers you brand new professional experience in terms of quality, feature and use effects.


Our Competitive Edge

  • Complete variety, extensive uses

    The rich SIGMA copy paper line comprises colored paper and multi-purpose copy paper. It covers the regular sizes for the office setting. Besides the A4 sized paper, you can also order A3 or other special sized paper, to adapt to multiple purposes of offices: document copy, print, and contract making.

  • Quality assurance, sufficient supply

    Producers of SIGMA copy paper are equipped with the advanced equipment and scientific management and eco-friendly concepts to ensure the best quality of SIGMA copy paper and long-term keeping of large amount of documents. SIGMA offers the low, medium and high end copy papers and boasts sufficient supply, which adapts to the diverse office needs of companies of different scale and budget.

  • Environmental certification,Cost Effective

    SIGMA copy paper in large packaging can help lower the overall cost. With environmental certification reflecting the eco-office ideal, it meets the needs of high-end enterprises with environmental awareness, effectively enhancing workplace efficiency.

Recommended copier paper


SIGMA copy paper valued pack A4 (70 g/80 g)

  • 100% wood pulp, acid-free, good for long-term archiving without turning yellow;
  • Regular white, with clear & smooth surface and even and compact texture;
  • Proper thickness and stiffness, anti-static treatment and optimal performance;
  • Suitable for daily office work, keeping documents for long time.

SIGMA copier paper A4 (70 g/80 g)

  • 100% imported  high-quality wood pulp, anti-static treatment;
  • Regular white, gentle hue, comfortable visual effect, not easy to cause fatigue;
  • Neutral sizing, surface receiving professional handling, with outstanding effect in inkjet printing;
  • Suitable for daily office work in meeting the demands for bidding documents, contracts, and other business papers.

SIGMA copier paper (FSC certification) A4 (70 g/80 g)

  • 100% imported high-quality wood pulp, anti-static treatment;
  • High whiteness and high smoothness, delivering clear image without bleeding; outstanding thickness & stiffness, and functional performance;
  • FSC certified paper, fiber material from forest under sustainable management, environmentally responsible, socially acceptable, and economically viable;
  • Suitable for various high-end office settings as ideal business paper for high-level file management, highlighting enterprise's environmental protection awareness.

SIGMA A4 color copy paper valued packaging (80 g)

SIGMA color copy paper comes in complete colors, suitable for different use cases, e.g. office poster, announcement and glad tidings. It has smooth surface and gentle color, is not easy to turn yellow or brittle, and is convenient for long-term archiving.
  • Complete color, gentle color;
  • Smooth surface, even texture;
  • Will not cause paper jams or brittling.