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Seasoning is of great importance for catering customers because it can help to savor authentic delicacies, attempt at new dishes and heighten the food flavor. Therefore, the high-quality, pure-taste and diverse-range seasoning has been the ideal choice for catering customers. METRO offers over 2,000 varieties of seasoning, no matter the acidic, bitter, fatty, saline and sweet (oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar) in the Chinese cuisine or tomato sauce and curry in the western dishes, you can get what you need. The spices numbering 170 offered by METRO add a different taste to your meal as well as a multicultural touch in your plate. The professional solutions offered by METRO to heighten the flavor and spice up your dish win the hearts and minds of cooks at family restaurants and chefs at gleaming five-star hotels.

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Our advantages

  • Amassing mainstream brand products

    METRO integrates mainstream brand resources in quest for excellence. METRO offers such well-known brands as Haitian, Knorr, Lee Kum Kee and McCormick, meeting the diverse needs of catering customers. Authentic products are ensured, which will tremendously save your operation cost.

  • Own brands, high cost performance

    METRO provides a wide range of seasoning in its own brands. METRO selects outstanding resources home and abroad, collaborates with reliable processing plants, and imposes vigorous review and approval on technology and factories via the quality department and Star Farm, ensuring the outstanding quality of its own brands. At the same time, own brands can provide customers with competitive pricing, heightening the flavor of meals by high cost performance products.

  • Practical packaging, pleasing consideration

    METRO's unique large-packaging-seasoning (e.g. 5L soy sauce, 25kg sugar) makes the shopping trips simple while saving operation cost. In addition, to better keep freshness, protect from moisture and facilitate customer use, the spices are bottled and adopt the butterfly cover design. HoReCa Select adopts plastic bottle packaging friendly toward chefs, while Find Food opts for small glass bottle packaging. Packaging in different sizes and scales helps kitchen control the consumption and reduce waste.

  • Imported brands, authentic tastes

    METRO's imported seasoning in wide variety are sourced from the origin, heightening the flavor of Southeast Asian and European cuisines, and ensuring the authentic tastes and arousing customers' appetite. Besides, METRO's signature imported brand seasoning in large packaging, e.g. Real Thai Red Curry Paste (1000g), can save your operation cost.

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