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Wine which embodies the brewing culture for a few thousand years is gaining popularity among those who focus on high quality life due to its cultural sensitivity, fashion or something with which businessmen ease into deals. Of wines still or sparkling in wide variety, imported wines remain the most sought after by the Chinese customers. METRO brings in abundant types including entry-level and rarities sold at reasonable price. METRO's boutique wine gallery keeps the temperature at 15ºC all year round, with ideal humidity and lighting condition, providing optimal storage and aging site for the best vintages. Thus, wines sourced by METRO have become the primary choice for hotels and upscale restaurants. Food and wine combine to delight your senses.

METRO top-grade wine

Our advantages

  • Abundant variety, extraordinary taste

    The brewing technique and taste vary dramatically with brands. You can pick from METRO's wine collection the vintage styles from the Old World like France, Spain and Italy or the New World from Australia, US, Chile, Argentina and South Africa, sharing your knowledge and reminding wine lovers that they should indulge in the delight of food and wine jointly presented.

  • Direct imports, high quality at low price

    METRO boasts its own professional buyer team dedicated to the selection of quality imported wines, which are all sourced from the origin; METRO keeps watchful eye on each import procedure, maintains the transparency in the import process removing superfluous intermediate segment, and provides quality and affordable imported wines. Owing to long-term partnership established between METRO and wine brands and its customer foremost concept, METRO’s wine price is more competitive than other brands.

  • Wine tasting, highly regard experience

    METRO's wine experts hold regular wine seminars with customers and wine lovers, as an opportunity of sampling the vintages as well as gaining insights into wine history. It will enrich both your senses and judgments.