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Welfare & Gifting


Five reasons that make you choose METRO WelfareGifting Showroom

  • One-stop service renders your shopping trip worry-free
  • One-on-one service saves your time and energy
  • Grouping of first-line brands assures the quality
  • Customized solutions align with your needs
  • Wide array of business gifts meet divergent needs of employees and business partners

Sales procedures of Welfare Gifting Showroom

1.    At METRO Welfare & Gifting Showroom, a professional sales assistant helps you choose the satisfying welfare gifts;
2.    The assistant confirms with you about the custom-made requirements and delivery time, preparing for the contract;
3.    You sign on the contract and make down payment set by the contract;
4.    METRO Welfare & Gifting Showroom delivers your order to the designated location within the agreed timeframe;
5.    You examine and sign/accept the goods and make the rest of the payment in accordance with the contract;
6.    METRO staff reaches you by phone call, asking your feedback.


Contact information

National welfare & gifting hotline:4001-518-518

National welfare & gifting

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