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Secret behind each fresh salmon steak

                  ——Xin Hanjun, head chef of the Japanese restaurant at Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel (China)


Xin Hanjun is the head chef of the Japanese restaurant at Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel. The restaurant is dedicated to bringing culinary delight to the foodies by offering thehaute Japanese cuisine.

Having been worked in the dinning business for more than two decades, Xin has gained profound knowledge about fresh foodstuff like salmon and believes the quality salmon boasts the following characteristics: Its eyes are bright, clear and not sunken, with firm and elastic meat shiny with a fresh smell. Xin says that salmon has extremely high demand on temperature. To maintain its freshness, from the moment of harvesting from the sea, it must be kept at 0-5℃for the entire shipment. 

Thus, the temperature for keeping the foodstuffs remains the top priority of this seasoned chef. He chooses to collaborate with METRO, purchasing salmon shipped in cold-chain for the entire journey. When the deep-sea salmon from Denmark is placed on the dining table, it still looks amazingly fresh. Every customer to his restaurant can indulge in the delicacy in a peaceful mind. Xin gives testimony to METRO’s quality assurance from its unbroken cold-chain transportation.
Xin Hanjun: Fresh foodstuff is essential to Japanese cuisine. METRO’s cold-chain delivery removes our worry, enabling us to focus on making salmon dishes. I wonder how METRO keeps the freshness of salmon from the deep-sea in Denmark to Shanghai across the vast distance?

The professional and reliable cold-chain transportation, as well as proper temperature for shipment, can keep the fresh and authentic flavor of foodstuffs, free of microorganisms that may result from the rising temperature. From suppliers to METRO delivery centers, from delivery centers to METRO stores, and ultimately to end customers, METRO practicesthe professional and rigorous standards to ensure the unbroken coldchain throughout the delivery process. Hence, regardless of foodstuffs' origin, they remain as fresh as the original condition.

After the fresh foodstuff is transported by air to the cold-chain delivery center of METRO China, the operating personnel will measure the temperature of foodstuff, replace the refrigerating liquid in the refrigeration containers, and add ice packsas required, so as to ensure the consistent freshness. Then, we will choose air or land transportation according to the distance from the delivery center to the store, ensuring its timely arrival. 


Moreover, we have installed a temperature recorder in each refrigerating vehicle, to record the in-transit temperature of foodstuff. After the goods are delivered to stores, the store employees will download and check the data, making sure that the foodstuff is delivered in best temperature.

More importantly, METRO imposes well-regulated storage temperature on each item: temperature for refrigerated items must be kept at 0-7℃, frozen items at –21-–15℃, and fruit and vegetable at 0-10℃. We ensure that each item will be kept in the proper temperature setting during the delivery process. 


METRO has developed goods receiving standards for different kinds of goods. After goods arrive at the designated store, the store employees will measure the surface and internal temperature of goods using such professional equipment as infrared thermometer or probe-like thermometer. Furthermore, the transportation vehicles must stay in the refrigerated state until all the goods are unloaded, and the cold chain broken time during the unloading process does not exceed 20 minutes.

To ensure food safety, METRO safeguards the last checkpoint, its stores. At METRO, we have equipped every zone with temperature display and recording devices, and the quality inspectors make daily checkup. Before further shipment, the fresh products are stored at the specified cargo area, to ensure they are kept in best temperature. Besides, METRO has strictly followed the HACCP standard during this process and raised high requirements for logistics providers, to ensure the warehousing goods are delivered in accordance with the first-in-first-out principle and the food materials are fresh, safe and reliable. 

The temperature of goods is measured and recorded for the entire shipment, and the entire unloading process remains in the cooling state. Though far apart, METRO ensures the unbroken coldchain throughout the delivery process, to deliver the safe and quality foodstuff to you within arm reach. As a result, as a member of millions consumers, Xin Hanjun has opted for METRO's salmon kept at 0-5℃ for the entire shipment, maintaining its freshness.


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