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HACCP standard: perfectionist safeguard on food safety


HACCP standard: Full Focus on Ensuring Food Safety

--Quan Jinglian, the story of manager of Shanghai Shanshan Little Dumplings restaurant and METRO


A Shanghai native, Quan Jinglian has been in the food and catering business for over 40 years. Nowadays, when it comes the special Shanghai Dumplings, her Shanshan restaurant has gained the undisputed fame. Every day, Shanshan Little Dumplings restaurants will welcome returning customers, arousing a roaring sense of accomplishment in her mind.
Such sense of achievement is backed by full. Quan Jinglian who has been upholding the belief of “quality foremost and profit secondary” knows well that the key lies in the high-quality pork. Thus, she chose to collaborate with METRO, purchasing safe and hygienic pork. METRO stores employ HACCP standard, tightening control over the pork processing procedures and exercising vigorous standardized in-store operation, which have put Jinglian at ease and made her more confident in bringing tender and succulent dumplings to the dining tables, to retain the authentic flavor of the Shanghai delicacy. 

Quan: As a time-honored brand, it can’t survive without quality. Only by using safe and hygienic pork can we be more confident about making delicious Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings). When customers are concerned about meat product safety, I will let them know that our pork is sourced from METRO. It has put customers at ease while enabling Shanshan little dumplings restaurant to win the trust. I want to know how METRO has managed to supply safe and hygienic pork throughout its operation.


METRO is acutely aware of interconnection between food safety and consumers’ health, as well as its patron’s business. Hence, METRO strives to improve the safety and hygiene on each supply segment, implementing the more vigorous international standard: HACCP.

HACCP (the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) was a product of the U.S. space program at a time when food safety in orbit was one of the thousands of problems that NASA had to solve. It could not risk having any pathogens or parasites in space with America’s astronauts. Today, METRO in adherence to the HACCP system implements standardized store operation in the whole process of food inspection, storage, process and sales, targeting different aspects of staff and operation.

At present, METRO is the sole enterprise in China that has adopted HACCP safety standard in all affiliated stores, highlighting METRO stores’ safety and hygiene standard has met international requirements.

When the food arrives at METRO stores, special staff will carry out inspection and acceptance in accordance with shipment acceptance standard, not only inspecting packaging and label information but also judging foodstuffs appearance and reviewing "sanitary (health) certificate." METRO sets up independent shipment receiving areas and warehouses for meat, vegetable and fish products, ensuring safety, hygiene and undisrupted authentic flavor of each type of food. 
In line with HACCP standards, all METRO staff must follow the HACCP standard, including washing and disinfection of hands, wearing professional facemask and hairnet; while METRO store sales areas have been divided into designated color zones according to different product categories to prevent cross-contamination. For instance, red areas are for all meat products (cutters, containers and staff uniforms). Moreover, METRO stores feature multiple temperature zones and advanced refrigeration technologies, which provide precise temperature control to ensure food freshness. For example, meats are kept between 0-4°C, fruit and vegetable between 12-14°C, and fish between 12-16℃.

The HACCP system comes under equally vigorous supervision. Every METRO store is staffed with a HACCP expert with regular supplier training sessions conducted to oversee in-store operation and quality & safety. Other than that, METRO invites professional third-party certification organization for regular assessment and certification to the processing department, keeping a close eye on safety and hygiene and implementing HACCP standard throughout. METRO also provides HACCP knowledge & guidance training to customers and business partners, continuously raising the bar of safety and hygiene, and anchoring peace of mind. 

The strict HACCP standards being implemented on minor details of store hygiene operations are for the sake of safeguarding foodstuff safety. As a member of METRO’s numerous clients, Quan Jinglian chooses to collaborate with METRO, sourcing safe and hygienic pork and selecting stringent standard.

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