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Safe food

Safe and quality foodstuffs, especially for you

I am Lan Kuiquan, head chef of Tian La Green Restaurant. I choose METRO to purchase the cooking oil for my restaurant because it provides a worry-free culinary experience. Instead of being distracted by the safety and reliability of cooking oil quality, I only need to focus on placing the best dish on the table because METRO, like me, removes anxiety from my patrons while satisfying their taste buds.

This is Han Yumei, manager at Bosch Group (Wuxi) employee cafeteria. It’s vitally important for our workforce’s health to have the right mix & match of nutrition of food to the quality of dessert. Thus, I choose apples from METRO. With its traceable system and visible quality, I can gain insights into the entire process of the apples purchased into the restaurant, from growing, harvesting and shipping. It’s trustworthy.

I am Xin Hanjun, head chef of Japanese restaurant at Shanghai Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel. The freshness of salmon is attained at frozen condition. I opt for METRO’s salmon kept at 0-5 °C for the entire shipment, maintaining its freshness. When the deep-sea salmon from Denmark is placed on the dining table, its eyes are bright, clear and not sunken, with firm and elastic meat shiny with a fresh smell. I know that it relies on METRO’s entire-process cold chain transportation.
I am Quan Jinglian, manager of Shanghai Shanshan little dumplings restaurant. As a reputable brand, we hold high the banner of quality foremost and profit second because we can’t survive without quality. Only by using the pork supplies of highest caliber of safety and hygiene can we make the soup dumplings befitting of our reputation. When I choose METRO’s safe pork with good hygienic practices, I am choosing its vigorous standard in pork supplies.

With your interest in mind, METRO can make it. It makes maximum efforts presenting the ideal nature of foodstuffs to you.

Vigorous screening on each supply

METRO’s high standard begins from the selection of suppliers. It has established a set of strict standards governing minor details from screening of supplier qualification, product testing and inspection, to risk control and evaluation. In line with the international standards across over 100 audit points under GFSI, it invites third-party to conduct over 4,000 safety-specialized testing annually, in addition to professional training to 12,000 food processing workers and 20,000 farmers, ensuring the outstanding quality at source.

Monitor the growing and movement

Trust of foodstuffs depends on the symmetry of information. METRO’s traceable system founded on international standards of GFSI, IFS and Global G.A.P. tracks down the entire growing process of crops, recording the information until their harvest; customers can witness every steps of crop growth, its quality and safety through scanning the barcode.


Seamless cold chain covering the entire food supply process

At METRO, there is a ‘seamless’ cold chain covering the entire food supply process to guarantee food freshness every step of the way. From fully-automated temperature control systems, pre-cooling for goods loading and receiving to multi-temperature delivery vehicles, various measures have been put in place to ensure food continually stays fresh and safe. Each temperature recording and each constant-temperature unloading the freshness of foodstuffs traveling every kilometer of distance. Freshness remains amidst the changing landscapes.


Standard seen on each hygienic operation

In-store hygienic operation ensures the foodstuff safety at the last kilometer. All of the METRO stores in China have been operating in accordance with the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), from loading, processing and storage right up to the shelves, to ensure the food that arrives on your table is absolutely safe. So far, METRO is the only wholesaler in China with all affiliated stores being HACCP-certified.


Meticulous selection of suppliers tracing every growing phase of the foodstuffs, keeping constant temperature on each kilometer of cold-chain shipment, and maintaining top standing of in-store hygienic operation enable METRO to provide authentic taste and safe food from the source to the dining table. It’s METRO’s unwavering commitment.

To find out the in-depth stories about how our four customers have erased their anxiety and concern about food safety through METRO, please pay attention to our website, bringing you the updates and helping you understand the endeavor of METRO to ensure food safety.

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