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Food safety at the heart of every dish

--Lan Kuiquan, head chef of Tianla Green Fashion Restaurant and her story with METRO

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As the head chef of Tianla Green Fashion Restaurant, Lan Kuiquan’s day starts in the morning examining the foodstuff quality. After arranging the foodstuffs to respective storages and delivering the motivational speech to cooks, he begins the entire day of work.
The signature dishes of his restaurant are of Sichuan cuisine with booming business. Lan says that like handling interpersonal relations cooking Sichuan dishes also needs conscience. He can’t tolerate slight inattention and slackness, for good taste can only be attained by top-grade ingredients and dedication to culinary art.

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Being a cook for 22 years, Lan knows well the vital role of cooking oil. When purchasing cooking oil, he considers the source safety as the primary factor. He chooses to buy cooking oil from METRO, impressed by its vigorous review and verification standard on cooking oil suppliers, as well as it sustained and high-quality supply chain assurance.

Lan Kuiquan: to deliver the great taste of Sichuan dishes, oil is pivotal besides the fresh foodstuffs. I choose the cooking oil supplied by you because its quality and safety place me at ease. What I need to do is making the best of every dish, delivering the healthy delicacies to the customers. What METRO will do specifically to ensure the high-quality supply of cooking oil?

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Only those safe and reliable suppliers without hidden risks can become the choice of METRO. METRO demands every supplier have license to manufacture and sell corresponding category of food. At the same time, over 100 checking points that align with GFSI international standards carry out onsite inspection and screening over a thousand agricultural production sites and factories. We promise never to procure any foodstuff with safety risk.
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METRO brings advanced quality management concepts to the suppliers, enhancing their quality management capacity. METRO provides control solutions to the suppliers, helping them identify with and evaluate potential food safety risks and quality risks, ensuring supply quality and laying firm foundation for company’s sustainable development.
At present, METRO has provided specialized training to a few hundred foodstuff suppliers, agricultural cooperatives, as well as 12,000 food processing workers and 20, 000 farmers, ensuring the high quality from the production site and source.
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METRO performs extensive testing on cooking oil quality and risk management. METRO collaborates with internationally renowned third-party auditor testing on food safety, quality and grade; every year, total of 4,000 well-targeted special safety testing will be carried out on poultry, seafood, fruit & vegetable, and grain & oil.  
In the special testing and evaluation, METRO classifies risk level to manage suppliers; it exercises different degree of control over suppliers as high-risk suppliers are subject to heightened supervision or face elimination, considerably reducing product risk.

METRO puts into place a set of vigorous standard from supplier qualification screening to product testing to risk management, rendering customers comfortable and worry-free in food consumption. Thus, like millions of consumers, Lan Kuiquan chooses METRO for cooking oil, the ticket to a safe culinary delight.

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