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Fruit in April – Yantai cherry 

"Come upon cherries by utter chance in Yantai as if an encounter of the first love. The wonderful feelings of falling in love all take root in the memory lane."
Located in the central part of Shandong Peninsular, Yantai without the mountainous barrier is embraced nevertheless by the gentle climate. Without summer heat and winter chill, Yantai boasts green river and blue sky all year round as if a landscape painting writ large. It is in this fertile soil that the cherries grow up.

Benefits of eating cherries

  • Highest iron content in fruits;
  • Remove toxins from the blood and eliminate the bacteria trapped under the skin, giving your face a sheen;
  • Enhance immune system of elderly and children.

Owing to its benefits, cherries are the treasured fruits, evoking the sweetness in people's deep heart.

"Among myriad of cherry varieties, go for the authentic Yantai cherries. You succumb to its unique property like the choice of first love."

Grasping the following tips, you will find the matching cherries:

  • The authentic Yantai cherry is in the size of a 1-yuan coin
  • A sheen on its skin, so that you can take them home for low-temperature storage and eating at any time
  • In velvet red, sign of reaching ripe sweetness

"One cherry snack turns sweetness into intimacy, nurturing a pinky memory from the first love."
Cherry clafoutis
Let the crunchy cake and succulent cherries delight your taste buds!
Cherry, sugar, flour, salt, eggs, cream and butter
  • Melt the butter, blend it with flour, salt, egg, sugar and cream, and stir the mixture into batter;
  • Add butter to the pan, and then put cherries and sugar to heat up for 1 minute until the cherries turn soft;
  • Place cherries into the mold, sprinkled with batter;
  • Bake in the preheated oven at 220°C for 20 minutes, until the clafoutis is puffed and brown.

"In this season of drizzle, have a bite on the cherry, experiencing the taste of your first love."

Yantai cherries are being snapped up from the shelves at METRO stores, taking the freshness to your home (For pricing, please contact the local METRO store).  At METRO, the traceability system is in place for the cherries from growing, picking, selecting, packaging, shipping to sales, with clear-cut information and well-definedquality. METRO strives to safeguard your food safety in all operation details from source to market.