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METRO premium


Premium club basis points 

Basis points:

Amount on a single invoice
Points you’ll get
100-199 RMB
1 Point
200-299 RMB 2 Points
300-399 RMB 3 Points
400-499 RMB
4 Points
500-599 RMB 5 Points
600-699 RMB 6 Points
700-799 RMB 7 Points
800-899 RMB 8 Points
900-999 RMB 9 Points
Over 1000 RMB 10 Points


Each customer can accumulate maximum of 10 basis points per day;

Distribution sales, METRO welfare card sales, SR/W tag articles, MOUTAI flash sales and PLUS membership fee don’t count toward accumulation of basis points;

Payment made by welfare card can count towards accumulation of basis points;

O2O delivery orders can count towards accumulation of basis points after the order is finished.

Premium club activity points

Additional points:

Customers are entitled to additional points during different promotion events.


Points Validity:

Each point will be valid for 12 months, and the point not been redeemed after 12 months will be expired

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How to redeem my points?

1. Customers can choose to redeem rewards with points at METRO stores. Please inform cashier at the checkout counter for redeeming points for rewards.

2. Customers must bring METRO premium club card or show e-version of premium club card, as well as personal ID to redeem the reward.